Being in marching band is a once in a lifetime experience that will help you build yourself into a stronger musician and performer. As the largest student organization on campus, the Pride Regiment unites all of our band members from 9th to 12th grades. The Pride Regiment will give on-field performances at school football games as well as various festivals throughout Arizona. Our band is a very vibrant part of the school spirit. Marching Band forms and additional information are located on our FORMS page.


Color Guard

Our color guard is an integral part of our marching band. They add life to our music, provide stunning visualizations and help us tell story to our audience. Each of our guard members put in countless hours of practice, complex flag work and memorizing choreography. We are so proud of every guard member!

The Field Is Where I Learned...

To march one step at a time. That I must pay attention to others as well as myself. How to keep my chin up and my eyes with pride. How to become part of the music. That every person plays an important and necessary part and how to have faith in myself. Marching gives us so much more than some songs and a uniform, it gives us lessons that we take with us for the rest of our lives.