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2022 - 2023 Executive Board

First Row Board
Rachel Mendez


Ph: 818.414.1306

Danielle Delfin-Lara
First Vice-President



Untitled design (1).png
Holly Taylor

Second Vice President


Ph: 602.405.8405

Rachel is the proud band mom of two amazing, awesome, and fun members of the pride regiment. She has been a band mom since 2016. During the day, she is a behavior specialist at a school for autistic & special needs children. She enjoys sharing the passion the kids have for music and band, and believes in the kid's amazing talents. She sincerely believes in deepening the bond between parent and child via volunteering. 

Danielle is a mom to a sophomore percussionist. She is currently a stay at home mom who loves volunteering and has held roles in the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts as well as being well known in the elementary school for volunteer work. She believes raising our kids to be strong leaders in the community is the most important job which is why volunteering for the kids is such a passion.

Holly is the mom of a clarinet playing junior. She is an Assistant Director at a local childcare center. She enjoys the time she spends working with the band kids and is looking forward to a great season!

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Second Row Board
Kristen Harvey


Ph: 602.769.2345

Ikaika Olsen
Charms Coordinator

Ph: 480.206.9612

Paola Salgueiro



Emily Dobbs

Director of IT

Ph: 480.438.3506

Kristen is the mom of a Senior in the awesome clarinet section of the BGHS Pride Regiment. She has over 20 years of experience in the banking, and financial industry.  Kristen is a sports nut, and in her spare time, loves to watch her local sports teams play. She has always believed that participating in a great community is the best way to live an amazing life. She is looking forward to helping make this a fun and exciting year for the kids. 

Aloha! Ikaika is a Husband, Father, Aviator, and Band Dad. His family is his purpose in life. He has been flying for almost 20 years and loves the view from above the clouds. Although his travels sometimes takes him out of town, he chose the role of Charms coordinator because he could still be effective from a distance, and is always happy to help whenever he's needed. GO BGPR! 

Paola is the proud mom of 2 beautiful, kind loving boys. She is an account manager, who loves music just as much as her boys do. She loves spending time with family and being involved in everything her boys do, super supportive of them. Seeing them healthy and happy is what makes her happy. She loves to volunteer and spend time with all of the band kids. She is looking forward to a great year and making memories with all of the kids.

Bringing with her several years of knowledge in the IT industry, Emily is the mother of a tiny flutist (and sometimes Piccolo). She loves to have fun, make people laugh, and spend as much time with her kids as she can. Volunteering has provided her the opportunity to create so many new friendships and connections. Here's to, yet again, an amazing year ahead!


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