2021 - 2022 Executive Board

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Kristy o'neal



Ph: 623.363.9068

Kristy is mom to two members of the Pride Regiment this year. Her oldest son is a junior that plays baritone and is a section leader. Her youngest son is a trombone playing sophomore. She loves being able to share in their enthusiasm for music and helping to make wonderful memories with the entire band family. 

Vanessa artac

First Vice-President



ph: 602.653.9116

Vanessa is a mom to an amazing Sophomore that plays the trombone. After this past year, she is looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in competitions, performances and supporting our AWESOME AND AMAZING band members.  She is a pediatric nurse that loves helping and taking care of others.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids, hiking, cooking/baking, reading, and exploring our beautiful state.

shellee roe

Second vice president



Ph: 480-559-2567

Originally a choir kid, Shellee has made the transition to being a band mom.  She is the proud parent of her junior daughter that joins the drumline this year to play the second bass.  This is her third year as a band parent and her first year on the board.  She loves being around the BGPR and the energy that they bring to all of their performances.  In her spare time, Shellee loves to be outdoors either hiking or kayaking, she loves to cook, read, travel, and do yoga.

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kristen harvey



Ph: 602.769.2345

stephen nevers
Charms Coordinator


Ph: 6235627404

Currently vacant




RoB Artac

Director of IT 


Ph: 602.653.5002

Kristen is the mom of a Sophomore in the awesome clarinet section of the BGHS Pride Regiment. She has over 20 years of experience in the banking, and financial industry.  Kristen is a sports nut, and in her spare time, loves to watch her local sports teams play. She has always believed that participating in a great community is the best way to live an amazing life. She is looking forward to helping make this a fun and exciting year for the kids. 

Stephen is a proud band Dad to a talented BGPR Senior, snare drum playing , section leader son, and a passionate junior NAU colorguard daughter. This is his first year as a booster, but 6th as a loyal band supporter. He is a lifelong educator with 30yrs experience. He enjoys golfing, paranormal activity shows, and traveling with his wife to watch both kids perform. He is looking forward to a great band season, Go Pride Regiment, AUH2O !!!

What we do

Rob has been around marching band since high school and is dad to a sophmore trombone player at BGHS.  He marched 3 seasons with San Jose State University Spartan band and currently plays tuba with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Arizona Band. He side hustles as a corporate pilot and is a lover of the outdoors and all things adventurous. He is excited to share his passion for music with the BGHS family!

The Executive Board is comprised of your peers. Parents, just like you. We all have full time jobs, some of us also have kids in sports and other kids with needs of their own. We make it work because we want to see these kids thrive! We share the same struggles, concerns and worries as you. We also share in your pride, joy and excitement to see our kids learn, grow and be their best selves. 

We have monthly meetings to discuss upcoming events, coordinate volunteer opportunities, manage your child's band funds and help your kids as much as we can. We sew, we glue, we balance accounts and we laugh, we praise and treat your kids as our own. 

As you know, it takes a village to raise a child. In our family we have nearly 100 kids. We are always looking for help, for volunteers, just like you. There is always much to do and many hands make light work. We have fun, we work hard and even though we don't get paid, what we get in return is immeasurable. Join us!

If you are interested in being a fully involved board member, chair person or would just like to be one of our wonderful volunteers, then fill out the form in the "How Can I Help?" tab or email us directly above or at boosters@bghs-bands.org or Facebook Page and we will be in touch!

We can't wait to hear from you!